Quería soñar con Miley Cyrus pero…

Updated November 15, 2014 with new comprehension questions & writing prompts

baddreams Here is a story that you can download about a boy that just wants to dream about Miley Cyrus, but instead cannot get a sinister president Obama out of his dreams. The target phrases are quería soñar con and en vez de. When I wrote this story I was still operating somewhat under a grammar syllabus. Since this was for a Spanish 3 class, there is quite a bit of the subjunctive. There are also clear references to the Spanish telenovela El Internado since everything in my level three class revolves around that telenovela (i.e. the frasco de ojos is not a completely random reference). As always the story is in .docx format so that you can change anything you’d like to better fit your classes.

I like to pair this with a MovieTalk using this video about a Mexican boy who has always dreamt about being able to take a ride on a plane. I mute it the first time through; it just so happens that the boy is a huérfano… I see Internado connections everywhere.

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