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Música de la basura

This was a lot more work than I anticipated!

Last summer there was a lot of excitement on twitter concerning a video about a youth orchestra from a poor neighborhood in Asunción, Paraguay that plays instruments made from trash. I wanted a reading to accompany the video, especially since the first one I saw has English subtitles. I discovered that  Veinte Mundos published a nice article   with audio and video resources, so I thought this was going to be a snap to put together. Just a little quick scaffolding for my students… and several months later I have finally finished!

Here is what I ended up with:

(A) An introductory video with English subtitles: choose either this one  (about three minutes long) or this one  (almost 12 minutes). 
(B) Six short power points which have cut the original text into manageable bite-size pieces. Each power point has an audio accompanying the text and most are preceded with vocabulary slides and followed by comprehension questions. The idea is to read it as fast as a native speaker, but take a break every paragraph to review main ideas.

Each power point is a large file; it may take a few moments to download. Click past the initial vocabulary slides. Once you get to the text, stop using the mouse! The power point advances automatically as the narrator reads the text.

Power point 1

Power point 2

Power point 3

Power point 4

Power point 5

Power point 6

(C) A processing sheet that students complete while reading-listening to the power points. The processing sheet also includes a creative writing prompt (lately I have been balancing informational texts with creative writing).
(D) An additional video ; a news report entirely in Spanish

While I plan to regularly use this with my level 3 students, this year I will also work it into the AP curriculum while we discuss beauty and aesthetics.

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