Good Stories for Language Learners of Spanish (Paperback)


Order a class set of 20 or more copies and receive a FREE year subscription to the eBook— students can read at home without taking the paperbacks out of the classroom. That could be very useful if your school has to go online at some point this year. It is always useful if you have multiple sections reading from one class set. Absent students can still read at home.


Good Stories is a year-long read-aloud literacy module for levels 1-2.

Good Stories contains 19 short stories (233 pages not including the glossary) designed for level 1 & 2 students. All stories include a Word Wall for oral retells, large font for easy reading, illustrations of an ethnically diverse cast of characters speaking Spanish for teacher-led Picture Talks, margin notes of less frequent vocabulary, a complete glossary of every word in the book, and most stories contain comprehension questions for class discussion.

This book is designed to be read aloud with lower level students: discuss the pictures in Spanish, ask questions about the pictures and text as you read, ask questions about your students’ lives as you read and connect the text to real life. Enjoy the reading experience. Every two weeks pull out a new read-aloud story. The stories progressively become more complex over the course of the year. Between stories, fill your class with student interviews, picture talks, movie talks, One Word Images, book talks, card talks, and cultural presentations. By the end of the year your students will have developed the literacy skills to read these stories on their own.

This example text below comes from the 9th story in the collection, so it would be read about 18 weeks into the school year. Vocabulary is recycled from story to story so that students develop mastery and learn to read fluently.

Learn how to conduct student interviews, picture talks, OWIs and more CI techniques from the CI Master Class.

Also available as a yearly eBook subscription with audio and as part of a subscription eBook library pack.