Good Stories for Learners of French


2022-23 school year subscription/ ONE teacher / all of their students

Good Stories for Language Learners of French is a collection of 19 short stories designed to be read aloud, once every two weeks, over the course of the school year.

The stories feature abundant illustrations, margin notes, a complete glossary, comprehension questions and a word wall at the end of each story for speaking or written retells. This collection of read-aloud stories is different from a typical level 1 reader; with limited vocabulary the collection is designed to gradually expose readers to a richer breadth of grammar. With the teacher reading aloud and providing clarification in the moment, students grow comfortable seeing and passively understanding a variety of past tenses long before they are ever asked to produce those tenses. Or use this book in a level 2 class with a more independent approach for a nice, quiet class every two weeks. The story in the preview below (scroll down) is the 7th story, so it would presumably be read around 14 weeks into the semester.

Start the year easily reading aloud the first story. Every two weeks read aloud a new story. The stories progressively become more complex over the course of the year. Between stories, fill your class with student interviews, picture talks, movie talks, One Word Images, book talks, card talks, and cultural presentations. Learn these CI techniques and more from the CI Master Class on

Each eBook subscription is for one teacher and their students. Teachers should NOT post access codes in publicly visible areas online. All subscriptions expire on July 1, 2023.

Expect a delay of up to 48 hours before receiving access passwords.

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