Professional Development

When there is no workshop nearby

It is training, not textbooks nor materials, but skilled professional development that is absolutely the most important variable that determines the success of a teacher new to comprehensible input methods.

I have a solution for teachers who want to learn to teach using highly-effective comprehensible input methods but cannot take time away from the classroom nor travel to a workshop to get the professional development that they need.

I have collected resources, filmed myself at workshops demonstrating key techniques and arranged it all in a logical sequence to make learning each skill easy for the teacher new to this approach. All together there are 16 modules with more than 25 videos (over 266 minutes of footage and more being added). I call this “Mike’s Online Master Class”; when you register you immediately get a download of my book, “My Perfect Year”, access to the first 25 maravillas in Spanish and a one year subscription to the online workshop. You will find materials that you can use immediately in your classes while you learn the skills at your own pace. Best of all, unlike a live workshop, you will be able to return and watch the demonstration again until you can do it confidently in your own classroom. Still not clear? Send me an email with a request and I will address your question in the next video I add to the course. I am committed to providing the very best online PD experience so I will continue adding to the workshop as I give live workshops across the country. Browse the course index:

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