Read Aloud Stories for Lower Levels

What makes these read-aloud stories different?

The paperback editions of “Good Stories” are now available in three languages: French, German and Spanish.

This is not just another novel for lower level classes; this is the core, year-long literacy experience that I plan for my level 1 classes. Good Stories contains 19 short stories designed to be read-aloud with level 1 & 2 students so that they are exposed to rich language in a comprehensible context. These stories can be used as independent reading in upper levels, but the positive impact of a bi-weekly guided reading is what has made my level 1 students truly excel.

All stories include a Word Wall for oral retells and large font for easy reading. There are many illustrations of an ethnically diverse cast of characters speaking the target language for teacher-led Picture Talks, margin notes of less frequent vocabulary, a complete glossary of every word in the book, and most stories contain comprehension questions for class discussion.

Free year subscription to the eBook with a Class set!

Orders of a class set of 20 or more copies receive a FREE year-long subscription to the eBook— students can read the stories at home without taking the paperbacks out of the classroom. That could be very useful if your school has to go online at some point this year, and it is always useful if you have multiple sections reading from one class set. Absent students can still read at home.

Each edition was written by a team of translators & copy editors that included native-speaker experts.

Check out the samples in FRENCH, GERMAN and SPANISH.

Members of the CI Master Class have access to the eBooks in the Master Class library.

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