Write a novel for language learners


The 2022-23 Writer’s group is now forming. We will meet on Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern time. Join me for 18 weeks as I work on my own novel; let’s share the frustrations, find our ways over the roadblocks and get these novels on paper!

The Winter 2022-23 group is FULL.

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This is the only novel writing group for language teachers that provides weekly coaching and a structured approach to make sure that you write your best novel. 18 sessions from November 29, 2022 to March 28, 2023

We will start slowly in November as we imagine our novels and discuss with our students the kinds of books that they enjoy reading. During Winter Break we will create a solid plot outline and through January and February we will work with students in class (if you choose) orally creating key scenes. During March group members will share and revise their rough drafts together so that we all have “class publishable” texts by Spring break. “Class publishable” is not ready for final publication; it is ready for beta-readers and pilot class tests. Classes pilot test their novel during the 4th quarter. Students’ final comments on this pilot reading help the author perfect the flow of the novel. In summer of 2023 novels may be ready to be sent to a professional copy editor and be published before the beginning of the 2023-24 school year.

These are some themes that structure our conversations:

Discuss what has not yet been written: the books that our students want to read. Generate ideas and write something truly different. Discover what you need to be a productive writer. Using your life experiences to write credible fiction. How to craft a strong premise.

Focus on creating lively characters. Delve deep into what motivates your characters. Create complex relationships among your characters without using complex language. The tricks to creating emotional impact. Define your protagonist’s goals. Develop a plot outline.

How to use classic plot outlines to make a more engaging story. Powerful story arcs and emotional transformation. Take the time to enjoy the process of creating little scenes. Explore while keeping it comprehensible. Reconsider your writing choices to uncover unintended bias. Simplify your text.

Go back and rewrite. Several common writer’s traps to beware of. Create tension from the first chapter. Keep the greatest ideas and bravely cut the rest. Bring underlying themes forward. Techniques to lower your unique word count.

Sharpen the emotional impact of your novel. Restructure a confused plot. Suggestions if you are considering illustrating your own novel. How to find beta readers and the tricks to getting valuable feedback.

Your manuscript is ready to be class-tested. How to publish a private set of novels so that classes can test run the novel. We will also discuss how to polish your manuscript and services available to edit, proofread and illustrate your novel. Putting together a glossary and other ways to scaffold the text. Steps to take to publish a finished manuscript.

If you are serious about writing a novel for language learners, please register & join us! Our first meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 29th!!