The Two Conversations Classroom


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This is the most complete description of my approach in print (276 pages). This book is included with every new subscription to the CI Master Class online. Purchase this book if you do not want access to the online resources of the CI Master Class, but you do want a detailed description of the student-centered approach that I have developed in my own classroom. There are still links to videos that demonstrate key techniques.

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“Mike’s strategies are thoroughly explained with great detail in this book. I truly appreciate the links to sample instructional videos for them as well. It really helps to have the visual and see it in practice. This is my 29th year of teaching and the methods used with Mike’s strategies have been incredibly impactful on student learning and language love/growth.” – Kate Chan

“I’m a veteran language teacher with 15 years teaching with Comprehensible input and I still found tons of useful info in Mike Peto’s book and his CI Master Class website as well. His description of how to teach One Word Images and extend it to day two, and use it with advanced classes helped me have a much deeper conversation with my students. The fun factor and student engagement has definitely increased.” – Wendy Ellyn

“A whole new way of looking at language learning that focuses on lots of input of the language through a variety of sources and through easy to follow classroom routines & management – this book will show you how to do it step by step. If you are a language teacher, YOU NEED THIS BOOK! And to be honest, getting on board with his affordable Master Class is also a must.. so much value. I cannot recommend it enough.” – Jessica Schlegelmilch

“It is filled with strategies to create memorable learning experiences for students and give them the autonomy and confidence to stay motivated. I still remember the One Word Image we created with Mike (a feather who spoke Portuguese, and of course had a problem!) and your students will remember the language and experiences you create with them too using these wonderful comprehensible methods!” – Justin van Berckel

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