Recorded Workshop: Introduction to Powerful CI Techniques


This 6-hour recorded workshop demonstrates the powerful techniques that I use every day in my own CI classroom. To make this as affordable as possible, this product does not include either the workshop book or a subscription to the CI Master class. Read below for an outline of what we covered in this workshop.

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In the first two-hour video we start with a quick look at my classroom set-up and how I organize my daily lessons. Our first activity is a Card Talk. After the Card Talk, I speak about the 10 key techniques to remain comprehensible.

Our next activity is a Student Interview. We follow each activity with a Write & Discuss and an exit quiz. I recommend that you reserve time to do both every single class. Then we do a picture talk; I point out that there are several different ways to do picture talks including Student Picture Talks and the kind of picture talks inspired by pictures from stories. We see some examples of fluency writes.

In the second two-hour video I start by showing an example of Calendar Talk. Then I played a video of an extension activity called “Hallway True or False”. The next activity I demonstrate is a Matava Script, which I think is among the more effective techniques for targeting specific language that you need your students to acquire. After watching my demo, it will be clear how to write your own scripts.

After Matava Scripts, I demonstrate my absolute favorite activity: One Word Images.

Our final two-hour video starts with a demonstration of Movie Talk. I also demonstrate my approach to cultural presentations using a 4-step process to make any authentic video comprehensible. We finish with a demonstration of a reading from the GOOD STORIES literacy module to demonstrate how whole class reading of short stories can be integrated into even a level 1 language class.

You will have access to these videos for a full calendar year so that you can come back and refresh before trying the techniques in class. There is also a coupon included if you decide to join the CI Master Class. Note that this recorded video does not include access to the online resources such as the card talk database, student interview questions database, etc. This is just the video of the workshop demonstrating techniques.