Beginning Spanish Classes – (Mondays & Thurs, June 26th-July 27th)


1pm Eastern. Going on vacation? Watch the recording afterwards.

“I took the STAMP test [after our classes] and I received the top score! I have no idea where I’d be without all of your guidance! You gave me what I needed to move up.”
– Michelle Whaley


These classes are for people with no or little experience with Spanish, or for learners who have studied Spanish in a traditional setting but don’t yet have the language “buzzing” in their head. Our goal for the summer is to get you processing the highest frequency verbs at the speed of a native speaker.

We’ll be using my new graphic novel for beginners, Esmeralda y Beto, a collection of story scripts, picture talks based on the graphic novel as well as conversational activities like student interviews that make use of the language acquired in the novel. Outside of class you’ll have access to activities that really help get the language in your head! You’ll also be able to watch video recordings of our sessions in case you miss class.

Focusing on the language that we want to acquire, you will be amazed at how quickly you’ll start speaking Spanish.

Each class session is scaffolded by a Write & Discuss guided writing activity.

In the beginning class I post target phrases to help scaffold the conversation. I write a lot to make sure that everyone follows the conversation. Everything is slower and there are more repetitions of key phrases. The beginning class is focused like a laser on the Sweet 16 verbs plus four more that I consider essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

“When will we meet? For how long?”
We will meet twice a week on Mondays & Thursdays, starting on Monday, June 26th until Thursday, July 27th with two days off on July 20th & 24th when I need to attend workshops. Classes are hosted on Zoom and meet at 1:00pm East Coast time (10am Pacific Coast). Or feel free to just view the recorded videos; the videos will be available until December 2023. Each session lasts one hour.

“I am more interested in seeing methods than learning a language. Is this for me?”
This is a real language class. You’ll see everything I do in a real class, but there will be no time dedicated to discussion of methods. There will be no teacher talk. The goal is to use every minute together to move students along into a higher level of fluency. If you are really interested in my approach, consider joining my CI Master Class that has videos, detailed instructions and classroom-ready resources.

Is this class suitable for my level?
This beginning level class is designed for people with little to no experience with Spanish. We go slowly to make sure that no one gets left behind. However, if you have a little experience with Spanish and a bit of patience, I think this may also be worth your time. There will be times when the class conversation feels too slow or too basic for you: please know that you are developing fluency & the ability to process the language with immediacy like a native speaker. Ideally, you should not be straining your brain muscle!

Is this class appropriate for my 12 year old? Or my 17 year old?
This is a class full of adult students with adult attention spans. While this summer class does not include the frequent brain breaks that I would include if I were teaching in a public school, the content of the class is appropriate for all ages.

How much time do I need? What if I’m going on vacation?
Expect 60 minutes of class per session (twice per week), plus some optional reading for pleasure outside of class that you may choose to do. If you choose to complete the supplementary activities, you can easily get another 30 minutes of good comprehensible input every day. If you go on vacation, the classes will be recorded and posted online.

“Will my state accept this course for professional development hours?”
I can send you a completion certificate for the number hours that you attended, but I cannot guarantee that your state will accept it for professional development credits. Please talk to the person in your district in charge of that. When in doubt, the principal’s secretary will know who to talk to.

Mike Peto has taught Spanish for over 20 years and has an active California teaching credential for teaching Spanish to grades 1-12 and adults. He has long been a member of the CI teaching community and is recognized for developing the Sweet 16 verbs approach to a student-centered classroom, using authentic media effectively, promoting independent reading programs for language learners and developing engaging approaches for heritage learners of Spanish.