Eating well at iFLT San Diego 2013

The interior of Bohème bleu. Very few restaurants in San Diego call for anything more than casual attire. I have definitely been here with nice slacks and flip flops.

The International Forum on Language Teaching is coming to my hometown of San Diego at the beginning of July. Here is a list of my favorite restaurants.

Worth the price (click on restaurant name to see the yelp review):

Ppomodoroomodoro (best Italian restaurant in San Diego, casual but reservations accepted) favorite dishes: Pork Osso Bucco with Rissotto, spaghetti and meatballs(seriously!), Salmon with crab in curry sauce

Costa Brava (best tapas bar in San Diego, casual but reservations strongly suggested) favorite dishes: rabo de toro, paella, croquetas de bacalao, sopa de ajo

boheme  Bleu Bohème   (French bistro, casual but reservations necessary) favorite dishes: escargots à la portugaise, entrecôte de porc, flétan “oscar”. I have had mixed experiences with the black mussels and the boeuf bourguignon.


The Fishery (specializes in sustainable seafood, reservations accepted; excellent Sunday brunch) favorite dishes: wild king salmon sushi, grilled albacore belly, Dungeness crab fettuccini

Pomegranate Russian-Georgian Restaurant  favorite dishes: lamb shashlik, Russian Borscht

Moderately priced favorites (click on restaurant name to see the yelp review):

pizza portPizza Port (Specializes in 30-40 microbrews on tap, pizza) Located in the seedy-but-safe neighborhood of Ocean Beach. Fun place, hard to find parking.

Daofu  (Amazing) It looks like a bohemian hole in the wall, but it´s one of my favorite restaurants. They make their own tofu which is unlike anything you´ll get in a store. Most of their food is vegan. Pineapple curry is my favorite. Salad and homemade ice cream is offered with any entrée.

Ortega´s   (upscale Mexican, great happy hour, popular moderately-priced weekend brunch) favorite dishes:  banana crusted huachinango, chilaquiles (weekend brunch), margaritas

rakirakiRakiRaki (Convoy Street, drive along this street for Korean barbecues and Japanese restaurants ) favorite dishes: tonkatsu ramen with aburi chaisu, tempura jalapeño stuffed roll, spider crab roll, karaage (home style fried chicken with a spicy dipping sauce). This is one of the cheaper options.

Filippi’s Pizza Grotto good cheap place for spaghetti and meatballs. nothing mind-blowing, good family restaurant

Fabrison’s French Creperie Cafe   favorite Saturday brunch spot

city deliCity Delicatessen & Bakery favorites: reuben sandwich and matzo ball soup, grilled mahi mahi sandwich

Boston Bites favorites: whole belly fried clams, lobster rolls as good as I had growing up in Massachusetts. Not cheap.

Cheap and delicious (click on restaurant name to see the yelp review):

el salvadorEl Salvador Pupuseria y Restaurante   Pupusas, Salvadorean horchata,pickled cabbage served free, yuca frita with chicharrones

Lucha Libre tacos

Pho Point Loma & Grill Restaurant

Fresh spring rolls at Pho Point Loma
Fresh spring rolls at Pho Point Loma

Wahoo´s FishTacos 10 points for anyone who knows what a wahoo fish is called in Spanish

Surati Farsan Mart  If you order a mini thali they will give you a tray with 4 or 5 little servings of delicious, all vegetarian food for around $8. The masala dosa is good too… I usually ask them to help me and they always chose something great.

Mister Falafel

Picnic tables (bring your own picnic lunch)


  1. Sorry, I tried to reply to this the other day but it turned out I had an old blog from wordpress (a half-baked attempt at self-reflection I think) and had completely forgotten the thing even existed. I had to recover user names and passwords before I could thank you for all the amazing resources and now the food suggestions. I just started with TPRS/CI this year after a truly inspiring workshop and, in my efforts to amass a ton of resources, I’ve visited your blog frequently and even implemented a few of your lessons (Mis padres se ponen en ridiculo was a favorite!). Thank you SO much for your generosity! And now, thank you again for the food recommendations. I cannot wait to eat my way through the San Diego conference!! Thank you!!

    1. I too have made and lost many comments on other blogs because of the way that wordpress works!

      I´m looking forward to meeting you all and learning a lot too… I am still very much a beginner at TPRS CI. It is exciting… I am having a hard time writing a new AP syllabus after having lived the last 15 months of experimentation with CI, so I am hoping to get inspiration on how to teach upper levels.

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