Large Transition Word Magnets: Spanish


“Just added them to my board and a student already commented on how useful they’ll be!”
– Blair Lachance, Connecticut

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These are the large transition word magnets that I use in my own classes to reinforce these important but “hard to remember” abstract words. I used to wait until the fourth year AP class to teach these along with the persuasive/argumentative essay, but I realized that even level one students will easily grasp these words if used frequently in class. The key is to have them present in everyday writing. The magnets are big (most are 4″ x 8″) and bright with a thick font so that even students in the back of the room can read them easily. They stack on top of each other if you need to make more space on your white board. I love the way that I can pick them up and place them in the middle of a Write & Discuss so that students get plenty of experience with word usage. Best of all, these magnets remind me to use transition words so that I am modelling beautiful Spanish. Each package comes with ten magnets, each with a different transition word. These phrases will help your students make logical, well-organized arguments!