Esme y Beto (Spanish graphic novel for beginners) (Bundle of 3 copies)


Graphic novel for beginning students of Spanish. Total pages: 110. Paperback.
This is a bundle of three copies.
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Esme y Beto is the first in a series of graphic novels designed specifically for beginners. Each novel features simplified, core vocabulary and every word in Spanish is defined in English on the bottom of the page. There is also a picture on every page, making it easier for reluctant readers to visualize the plot of the novel. Esme y Beto is an excellent series of “bridge novels” to help students discover the power of reading in their second language. The series is appropriate for all ages.

Plot summary: Esme moves into a new apartment complex and develops a friendship with Beto. The two encourage each other to cultivate new interests and find new friends.

Read a sample chapter.

Coming soon in French & German