NTPRS 2015: Tech tools to make popular music truly comprehensible

These are the instructions for people attending my Thursday talk on music at NTPRS this week:

example Click here to see an example of the type of audio games you can make to preview popular music with your students. You will have to enlarge the screen to about 400% to see the game properly.

Before the workshop please download:

(1) a copy of the instructions
(2) the .zip file containing the flash games.

The workshop begins with a demonstration and quick explanation. However, in order to actually participate in the workshop you will need a PC with several programs and files already downloaded. Please read the first page of the instructions (link provided above) so that you come prepared. You will need:

(3) an .mp3 audio file that you want to break down into an audio game
(4) Audacity
(5) your own headphones will be useful!


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