Movie Talk: Hay cosas que nunca se olvidan

Updated 10/19, errors corrected in PPT


Start with this reading showing part of the video through a power point. Describe the pictures, read, translate, circle. After circling extensively watch the video, but only minutes 4:26 to 7:12. The video, by the way, is in Italian so this reading is crucial. Here is a link to the video.

Optional day 2: If you choose, you can watch the whole 13 minute video… but just a warning: the old lady dies. And there is some bad language. The kids get their revenge and then the first four and a half minutes makes sense. I think this is satisfying just watching the middle clip… you might even want to run this through movie maker or a similar video editing software to clip off the beginning and the ending. Or not.


  1. Funny you should mention video editing software… I have had several youtube videos that I would love to show if I could just cut off some parts to make them school appropriate, however, I have come across none. Which ones have you used and recommend?


    1. I use a two step process:

      First I download the video with a Video Download Helper, a free extension on Firefox browsers. VDH converts the format of the video while downloading, so that instead of ending up with an .fvr format I choose to have an .mp4 format.

      Second, I downloaded a free copy of Movie Maker (directly from Microsoft, it is freeware) which can edit .mp4 files. Just clipping off parts is pretty easy to do. I love the captioning available on Movie Maker… I have never needed more professional video editing software.

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