junoIf anyone else uses Jupitergrades.com, I am using their built-in quiz generator to provide extra reading for my level 1 students. I write a short short story using high frequency words once a week and follow it with 10 questions. The program allows kids to keep doing it until they get an A and it automatically reshuffles the questions they got wrong back into the quiz. I am offering extra credit to my students for completing it with a 100%.

If anyone already uses jupitergrades and wants to use my little extra credit readings for their classes, feel free to contact me. Really, this alone is not worth the subscription, and I am not even sure if we´ll be able to share within the program, but it is so low-hassle once the quizzes are set up that I would love to share them with someone.


  1. Hi Mike, I would definitely be interested in looking at your quizzes. We just started using Jupiter this year.

    1. Ah, you are a year too late! I did not keep those quizzes going too long, I think I had 3 or 4 weeks worth but I have given up my jupiter grades subscription because I have to use the district mandated grade program now.

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