Heritage speakers lesson on accentuation, part 2

esdrujulaIn my Spanish 1 for native speakers class we spent a part of last week preparing for this lesson by teaching students to recognize the sílaba tónica, or the stressed syllable in each word. If you missed it then click here to go back to that lesson .

This week, in addition to silent sustained reading (we read for twenty minutesllana straight today!), we also read a biographical sketch of Simón Bolívar´s life and we discussed the geography of Latin America. Whenever I wrote a new word on the board I tried to remember to ask the class if the word was aguda, llana or esdrújula.

With so much practice I think that they are now ready to learn the basic rules of accentuation, presented on  this beautiful fun sheet that you can download by clicking here  . On the back I left a big space in each box so that they can write down three of their own examples of each type of word.aguda

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  1. Profesor Peto,
    Gracias por compartir sus magnificas lecciones e ideas,,soy una fiel seguidora (profesora novicia) que admira muchísimo su trabajo. Traté de bajar la hoja en su segundo link en este post pero me sale error,¿Hay otra manera de acceder a él?
    Muchas gracias de nuevo,

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