Finally! My full AP language syllabus

226ASP6179944780 I did not want to post this until it was officially approved and, for some reason that remains shrouded in mystery, the administration of my school was holding off on submitting the syllabus to the College Board. After several weeks of near certainty that I´d be forced to spend my Thanksgiving break on a rewrite, they finally relented and yesterday I heard that my syllabus was accepted. Phew!!

Click here to download a copy of the full syllabus . It gives a neat overview of the school year, but does not go into the detail of my posts about individual units. Surely things will change. Also, I want to acknowledge that I have had a lot of help developing this syllabus. Most importantly, there are many great AP teachers who have placed their own work online to help guide others. If you recognize a turn of the phrase, a great idea or even an entire paragraph, yours may well have been one of the dozen or so syllabi that I devoured when I made my original syllabus. I wish I had thought to take notes so that I could at least cite some sources, but alas that was well before I developed this blog. On the other hand, this syllabus has been significantly modified to fit the new exam. It is a new product and I think it is worth posting.


  1. Qué bendición ha sido usar la información, ideas, y planes que has puesto aquí. ¡Tu trabajo es muy impresionante y me ha ayudado mucho! ¡Mil Gracias!

  2. Me gusta mucho que comparta su trabajo para ayudar. Siempre estoy reinventando y mejorando la rueda-y me gusta para mejorar mi forma de enseñar…para mantener la frescura de la experiencia-para mi y para mis estudiantes. Gracias por compartir. Enseñar es una vocacion del espiritu. Lo tiene. Paz-Denise

    1. Has this changed much? Thank you for sharing. Going to teach AP for the first time next year…

      1. I have not taught AP for a few years now. If I were to go back to AP, I would add more story listening…

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