Exploring Bryan Kandel´s reading database

Recently I have been exploring Bryan Kandel´s awesome database of story scripts and readings.

pato 4One of the stories that I adapted for my class is La muñeca mágica, about a girl that asks for a wish from a magic puppet. Even though the structure pedir un deseo does not show up in the story, it was one that my class had worked with while watching El Internado and I was able to recycle it while discussing this story.

For reasons peculiar to my class I changed the puppet into a toad… and I may have made a few other very minor changes. I definitely did NOT change the awesome song, which I sang until my voice went hoarse. I also really appreciated the large amount of dialogue in this story; students had fun acting it out.

Click here for a .pdf  of my copy of the story, which includes pictures of a toad, a duck, and the structures that were new to my students. If you want a copy in .docx to make it easier to adapt then click here .

Click here to download the power point presentation  that I started with before reading the story; although my level one students had heard about arms, lips, hugging and kissing, they had never been exposed to the structure se convirtió en so I wanted to give them a little extra practice before the reading. It was enough for the time being, and I really was interested in recycling pedir deseos as I talked about the story.

Finally, below is a cartoon version created by one of my students for weekend homework. She had the story with her, so it wasn´t a rewrite but rather just another excuse to get students to reread the story. Nonetheless I love when my students put so much effort into the cartoons; the act of deciding what to include and what to cut out required a close reading on her part and I think she did a great job! Click on each picture to get a larger version.

pato1 001 pato 2 001

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