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¿Con qué sueñan los peces?

This reading accompanies episode 7 of El Internado (originally aired as episode 1 of season 2).

Target phrase: consiguieron

fishThis short reading was prompted by the scene in which Paula discovers that her fish has died. Believing that it is merely taking a siesta, Evelyn suggests that the fish is dreaming… to which Paula asks, “¿Con qué sueñan los peces?”

I have taken this scene and created a one page story about a group of scientists in the near future who are preoccupied with this very question. The story is designed to be read at home (with difficult words defined in footnotes). There are comprehension questions, open-ended personal questions and a rubric to encourage detailed, creative student responses. The verb conseguir shows up in various forms eight times; it is assumed that usage of conseguir was the object of classroom discussion before assigning this as homework. Alternatively the story could be read in class and the usage of the verb conseguir could be a focal point of discussion.

Click here to download the reading , which is in .docx format so that you can modify anything to better suit your classroom.

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