Brandon y su gato

More Spanish 1 class stories:

muchacho y su gatoMost of our stories are co-created before doing the reading so that students are familiar with the basic plot before even starting, but occasionally I like to present a story that recycles vocabulary but has not been formally previewed through the story-asking process. After we finish El secreto en la mochila we will do a few days of PQA and movie talk with my eyes on consolidating the words in this very short story. Then they will read and complete the activities to Brandon y su gato completely on their own as an in-class assessment. While the story is short, it does present some problems that I plan on having worked out through PQA beforehand.

Of course, my stories often have bizarre plot elements that reflect the class that I originally wrote it for. In this case you might want to change the ending, or not, but certainly preview before using. Here is a link to download the story if you would like to check it out.

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