Bear vs Shark: an animated movie talk for any language

A short video and two power points, one for teacher retell and one for student retells

11 Do you have an extra day and don´t want to start a new story? Here is a link to a video that is great for movie talk. Skip ahead until 52 seconds into the video and end at 4:19.

I also made two power point presentations with stills to talk about the video. The first one (download here) has key phrases in Spanish that I use to talk about the video. These are not necessarily target structures that I want my students to acquire but rather are there so that I can point at the picture and use the word to describe what is happening. For example, when the bear loses his fishing rod I have written the words la caña de pescar above the slide. In class with my Spanish 1 students I might be working to provide more reps between tiene and tenía so I point to the fishing rod and ask ¿Tiene una caña de pescar? Sí, claro, porque tiene hambre y quiere comer. Pero miren… (next slide when he loses the fishing pole), ahora no tiene la caña de pescar. Clase… ¿tenía una caña de pescar? Sí, tenía una caña de pescar… pero ahora no la tiene. So, to be clear, in this presentation the extra words provided on the slide are there so that I can continue to teach the main high-frequency words that are the real focus of my class.

The second power point presentation (download here) is a storyboard to use when students retell the story. They are going to be limited because there are all sorts of words that the teacher used to present the story that were not taught for acquisition. For that reason, I tell my students to describe the picture rather than retell the story, focusing on things they can say.

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