A lovely book: El perro enamorado de las estrellas

This book has gone viral in my FVR library!

coverI need to share this adorable book because it makes such a great connection with so many people. It is a Japanese manga translated into Spanish, but it tells a tale that touches across cultures with the help of a cute, faithful dog. It is a story of loss; in the first half of the book a man loses everything and spends his last year on earth living out of his car with his beloved dog. Believe me: my kids love it.

During second semester I am going to use this book as an occasional kindergarten reading for my level 1 kids. Each vignette is short and can become a recurring, quick reading activity. Projecting an image of the book with a doc cam, the illustrations will be easy to make comprehensible. Here is an example page that you can read full size if you click on it (click twice to get the largest most readable resolution). Japanese manga is read from right to left, so start at the top right of the right page and read across and down:


    1. I purchased it at a newspaper stand in Mexico City, at the intersection of 5 de Febrero and Venustiano Carranza. It is about a block away from the Zócalo and you´ll pass it if you go to any of the great restaurants in the area, including El Cardenal and Balcón del Zócalo. This particular news stand specializes in Japanese manga (translated into Spanish, of course). Most are about $5 each… this one may have cost 6 or 7 dollars. If you go to the DF, make sure to stop at this treasure and bring an extra suitcase!

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