Bring Mike to your department!

I give 1, 2 and 3 day workshops on the following topics:

  • Maintaining an independent reading program (one day)
  • Research shows that pleasure reading is the most efficient way to lead language learners to realize huge gains in acquisition. However, setting up an independent reading program involves much more than purchasing books and allowing students time to read! In this one day presentation I cover the theory behind Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) and describe the essential characteristics of a successful FVR program. We discuss how to modify non-reading instruction time in order to best support the development of independent reading skills. Participants learn several techniques to use in class to create class-created texts, which form the foundation of easy reading for the lowest level readers in class. We discuss how to make purchasing decisions so that your classroom library reflects the interests of your students, how to assess your reading program and how to develop support for pleasure reading among students, parents and colleagues. Each presentation is tailored to the needs/languages taught in the school district.

  • Essential Comprehensible Input (CI) techniques (two days)
  • This is a comprehensive introduction to a variety of CI techniques that, when harnessed together, forms the backbone of a strong department. Starting with basic techniques to remain effectively comprehensible to your classes, we will explore how and why to use pre-planned targets, emergent targets, light-circling, heavy circling as well as methods that do not include any targeting at all. Participants will be given the opportunity to be coached, if desired, and all will work on their skills in small groups. Techniques to support whole class novel reading will be followed by techniques that support classes with only independent reading of novels (ie when all students are reading different novels). This workshop is the product of leading a very diverse department under a collective umbrella of CI instruction. A diversity of CI approaches builds a strong department.

  • Independent reading and Essential CI (three days)
  • Combining the two workshops creates the strongest professional development option.