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Word clouds to preview Superburguesas

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For those of you who are teaching with my TPRS novel, Superburguesas, I have created a set of word clouds to preview each chapter of the book.

Before students read the chapter I like to preview the words, ask them to imagine what may happen in the chapter and use the opportunity to get extra repetitions of words that may not be very high-frequency, but are certainly crucial for reading each chapter.

Click on each picture below to get a large version, which you can either right click to download to your own computer or click again to get the largest resolution available.

Chapter 1
superburguesas cap 1 word cloud

Chapter 2
superburguesas cap 2 word cloud

Chapter 3
superburguesas cap 3 word cloud

Chapter 4
superburguesas cap 4 word cloud

Chapter 5
superburguesas cap 5 word cloud

Chapter 6
superburguesas cap 6 word cloud

Chapter 7
superburguesas cap 7 word cloud

Chapter 8
superburguesas cap 8 word cloud

Chapter 9
superburguesas cap 9 word cloud

Chapter 10
superburguesas cap 10 word cloud