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Zoom Master Class Workshop: Sept 10

Join us on Saturday, September 10th, for a full day public Zoom workshop presenting the key elements of a highly student-centered CI classroom. Our Zoom workshop includes demonstrations of key CI activities, a full year of access to the CI Master Class, and a copy of the new workshop book, The Two Conversations Classroom (276 pages).

Experiencing the class activities is the best way to learn how to run a CI class. In this 6-hour workshop we demonstrate the key activities that teachers can start doing the very next day in class. We will also have enough time for short, scheduled teacher talk sessions where we examine how and why each activity works, focusing on the skills that makes the teacher comprehensible to their students.

The full day workshop includes:

  • Demonstrations of key activities and techniques to run a highly student-centered language classroom
  • A full year subscription to the CI Master Class online so that participants can return to watch demos of techniques, use the class-ready materials and delve into the essays on techniques while learning.
  • Full class access to our Master Class eBook libraries in French, German and Spanish.
  • A copy of “The Two Conversations Classroom” (2022, 276 pages) will be mailed to each participant.
  • Subscription to the weekly newsletters that guide participants through the CI Master Class each week.

Sign up now and participants will be given immediate access to the CI Master Class.
Registration is limited. Click here to register.

Thank you for your excellent presentation, guidance, and encouragement for our Tucson World Language teachers! You were a hit, even with my boss!” – John D’Andrea, Tucson, AZ

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