Write your CI novel

Write that easy CI novel this summer

Do you want to Write & Publish your own CI novel?

We currently have a another group meeting once per week that is making great progress towards completing their novels. Inspired by their progress, I would like to gather a summer writing group that will meet on Saturday afternoons to discuss our writing, brainstorm together, share the frustrations, find our ways over the roadblocks and get these novels on paper! Come share the process as I write my latest novel. The 2019 Summer CI Writer’s group is forming NOW!! Click here to join!

This group will meet on Saturday afternoons at 3pm East Coast time (of the US) via an online video meeting service called Zoom. If you have never used Zoom before, it is like Skype but more stable and designed for business meetings. You do not have to attend every meeting (although I would like it if you did). There will be a regular group meeting that you can attend to help troubleshoot and gain inspiration. Our goal is to get at least a full first draft completed by the end of the summer.

These are some themes that may structure our conversations, if we find them useful.

  • Generating novel ideas while keeping it comprehensible.
  • Developing a plot outline.
  • Keeping it all manageable while imagining something great.
  • Creating tension from the first chapter.
  • Focus on creating lively characters.
  • Rewriting for clarity & simplicity.
  • Sharpen the emotional impact of your novel.
  • Restructuring a confused plot & add tension.
  • What to do before you publish, a checklist to make sure your novel is really ready.
  • How to self-publish & market your novel.

If you are serious about writing a CI novel, please register & join us! Our first meeting will take place on Saturday, June 1st. We will meet every Saturday through August 24 (except Aug 10th and possible July 13th due to my schedule with summer conferences).

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