Thoughts on developing a culture of reading

Here I organize my writing about reading, specifically the independent reading program that is one of the pillars of my CI classroom.

First steps

A map to transitioning from whole class reading to an independent reading program

Free Voluntary Reading presentation at CCFLT 2017

I chat on Dr Louisa Walker´s podcast

Posts about building a classroom library that students will love:

My novel has been translated into Spanish, French & Portuguese

Adding graphic novels & manga to your library

How to add 15 beginner-low texts to your library every week

Free FVR Cartoon library Use the template from the post above

Good reading book marks

Students need to browse

Introducing CI-Reading

Building a library for heritage learners

Posts about classroom management relating to reading:

Struggling to hold students accountable while reading?

Alina’s approach to accountability

Other than FVR

A Hybrid approach to novel reading combining whole class and independent SSR

Book reviews

La familia de Federico Rico



La clase de confesiones


El perro enamorado de las estrellas

Planeta Zombilandia

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