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Thursday evening Spanish Classes: Maravillas Live!

One more section opened due to popular demand (Saturday, Sunday & Monday live classes have sold out). Click here to register.

Starting on Thursday at 7:00 pm Eastern time (June 4th) we will resume our series of Spanish classes. Each Thursday for 5 weeks we will enjoy 2 different Maravillas, the cultural presentations that I have developed to present inspirational people and awesome places from Latin America.

These are real Spanish classes; our last session had learners aged 13 to 71 with levels ranging from high-beginner to advanced (although I really focus the class on low intermediate). But the classes are also excellent professional development for teachers who want to experience how CI is done in a real class.

This coming series has a special treat for teachers who have to translate CI instruction to a Zoom class. We will film each presentation and then I will post the captioned video of the class in a protected space online.

Next year, if you see your students live, you will have the power point so that you can do the presentation yourself. However if you are still online you will be able to give your students a link to the video so that they can watch me teach class. Better yet, next year if you are live and you just need a rest or time to focus on classroom management, turn on the video and let me teach for 20 minutes!

The classes are incredibly affordable at $5 per class. Whether you are a student or an observing teacher, I think you’ll enjoy our Thursday classes. And since they are recorded, you can always skip class and check it out later on our class website.

Classes will be held on June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th and the 2nd of July. Register here.


    1. Hi Ben,
      Yes, they are already posted.
      In the Master Class click on the “Voices of Others” module.
      Look under #4, “Videos of me presenting Maravillas to Zoom classes”


  1. Mike, since the classes are sold out, will there be a way for teachers to view the recorded classes that we could purchase? I saw the link to the Maravillas series, and I am interested, but wondered if this was different from the
    “Weekend classes” that you’re writing about here.

    1. They are different. The Maravillas Live! are live Zoom classes using the maravilla power point presentations from the Maravillas library. You get to see how I use the Maravillas in my own teaching.

      Eventually (sometime this summer) all of the recordings of the live classes will be included in the Maravillas library, so if you sign up for the Maravillas library you will get access to all of the power points, and plus eventually you’ll also get access the the recorded classes.  


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