Intensive Intermediate Spanish Classes

Summer Spanish Classes for Adults


The same “two conversation” method I use with my high school students

Class starts with a short presentation of a book from our online pleasure reading library, followed by two conversations per day (one student-centered, the other a “Voices of others” presentation), both scaffolded by Write & Discuss guided writing, and a musical transition activity.

A daily experience for five weeks (25 sessions) to level up your Spanish
The goal of this course is to help participants feel much more comfortable using their Spanish. Let’s go for it!

Participants will have access to a 21 book FVR library during the summer course
You’ll be encouraged to read at least 20 minutes per day outside of class using the online pleasure reading library (but this is not required!). Click here to browse the books available in the library.

Take advantage of my experience as a self-studying polyglot
There are differences between self-study and classroom language classes. I’ve learned five languages and will be starting my sixth soon. In addition to providing the best classroom experience possible I will provide concrete advice to help you use your limited time efficiently and effectively.

Attend MORNING or EVENING classes, you decide based on your daily schedule
Going out to dinner? Join us in the morning. Spending the day at the beach? Join us in the evening. Busy all day & night? Watch the recorded video of the class. Our classes are small– capped at 14 people. In order to maintain the small class atmosphere I simply ask that if you sign up for the evening class, turn off your camera when attending the morning session. The morning session participants will do the same when attending evening classes– that way we can have a very flexible schedule while also keeping the small, intimate class feel.


Frequently Asked Questions

“When will we meet? For how long?”
We will meet starting on Monday, June 28th until Friday July 30th, for one hour a day at 8pm NYC time (EVENING CLASS) or 11am NYC time (MORNING CLASS). We expect you to occasionally miss our classes. For that reason, meetings will be recorded and the videos will be available until December 2021.

“I am more interested in seeing methods than learning a language. Is this for me?”
This is a real language class. You’ll see everything I do in a real class, but there will be no time dedicated to discussion of methods. There will be no teacher talk. The goal is to use every minute together to move students along into a higher level of fluency. If you are really interested in my approach, consider joining my CI Master Class that has videos, detailed instructions and classroom ready resources.

Is this class suitable for my level?
I am calling this an intermediate level class, but I think there is a lot of misunderstanding around what students expect from intermediate classes. All intermediate classes are multi-level. I have taught multi-level classes for years. There will be a lot of scaffolds for everyone to understand the class. The guided writing (Write & Discuss) will be 100% comprehensible to everyone regardless of level. There will be times when the class conversation feels too slow or too basic for you: please know that you are developing fluency & the ability to process the language with immediacy like a native speaker. Ideally, you should not be straining your brain muscle! There will also be times when the language feels too fast or too rich: please know that it will all be recycled before we move on so that you do understand. Sorry for the brain strain, this is the nature of an intermediate class.

Is this class appropriate for my 12 year old? Or my 17 year old?
This is an adult class. Twelve, I would say no. Some seventeen year old students may thrive. Does your 17 year old normally enjoy & contribute to adult conversation? If so, then yes.

How much time do I need? What if I’m going on vacation?
Expect about 90 minutes per day (60 minutes in class plus ideally 30 minutes reading for pleasure outside of class, but no assessments on that!). I’ll be going on vacation too… but we have reserved a house by the beach with good internet so that we can still meet online once a day. Even if you’ll be off the grid, every class is an independent experience. Miss five days and you’ll be able to jump right back in without feeling lost. Also, classes will be recorded and posted online.

“Will my state accept this course for professional development hours?”
Sorry, this course does not offer state professional development credits. This is 100% about leveling up your Spanish so that you feel comfortable being spontaneous in your level 1 classes.

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