Join our Summer Writing Group

Summer Creative Writing Group

How to make time for writing?!

This summer group will help unlock your creativity every WEDNESDAY EVENING

From June 9th until August 11th we will meet on Zoom for 90 minutes for wine* & good writing.

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Having a set time to meet and write together provides the structure to make this a productive, creative summer. Sessions start at 9:30 pm New York time (6:30 pm West Coast)

The theme of the Summer 2021 Writers Group is writing extremely short, easy to read stories.

Whether you are writing to fill holes in your current curriculum, to provide more windows & mirrors for your students to see themselves in your classroom library, or simply to add good stories to the language learner experience, come enjoy the support of our writers group!

Every week our intention is to complete a new short story (of 500 words or less) within about 90 minutes. We start with a prompt and quickly free write to develop the kernel of an idea. Then, sharing our initial ideas in small groups, we help each other build our story ideas, develop unexpected plot twists, and recognize strong themes buried in the initial free write. Finally each writer returns to their original text to incorporate the ideas generated in small group and then scaffold and simplify the text. We’ll end with a short whole group conversation about what is working in your writing to keep you motivated to continue writing throughout the week.

Over the course of the summer I expect that some authors will develop characters and plots that might expand into a full novel. I will be happy, however, if each writer simply creates a set of extremely short, easy to read stories that helps smooth the transition to reading full novels in class. The EXTREMELY short VERY EASY to read short story is the solution!

No problem if you miss a class; we start fresh every session with a new prompt!

*bring your own glass of wine!


  1. Hi,
    This looks like a great fit for my summer! I’m really working to incorporate more Comprehensible Input at all levels of my Spanish classroom. Will we be speaking Spanish and working in Spanish int his class? I just wanted to clarify before signing up!

    1. Hi Joy,
      We have teachers of many languages, so the common language is English. We start with a prompt in English and I recommend that you do the writing in your target language. We discuss in small groups in English, and then when we look at each other’s drafts we read in the target language but often authors include a google translated version so that all teachers can comment on the draft. We do not proofread or copy edit… we are commenting on the development of characters, plot, theme, and everything that makes the writing compelling.

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