My two cents

Where I draw the line:

Nothing is a stretch for your students

 Against the grammar syllabus One of my most popular posts

On Transitioning An Entire Department Towards CI/TPRS

Maximizing the physical space of a classroom:

The Advantages of Posting High Frequency Words

Letter to parents about our deskless classroom

A brief tour of my TPRS classroom

Deskless and organized

FVR (Free Voluntary Reading):

On building a class library

A Map to Transitioning to FVR

Great books for reluctant heritage readers

Living the FVR Fantasy Life The presentation that I gave at NTPRS15 on how to build a pleasure reading program in your classroom

The class novel should die

The search for high-interest readers for heritage speakers

Silent Sustained Reading

Heritage speakers:

Language Shyness Among Heritage Speakers Stop correcting the output of heritage speakers! Here is why…

Teaching techniques:

Béisbol, baseball

Norms and syllabus for a TPRS class

Becoming better at asking

Are your movie talks step 2 or 3?

How is that TPRS working out? Comparing writing samples between level 1 and level 3 students suggests that error correction of level 1 students is not that important

An unusual class job

Don´t forget the target structures!

TPRS and TCI with advanced students

My favorite bailout moves

Reflections on a good year

Great student engagement

You get out what you put in


What does a midterm exam look like in a TPRS classroom?

Reading Pleasure

First Day of School

Choose your own adventure novels

Back to school night powerpoint

Blancanieves: Snow White in Seville

A day with Blaine Ray


  1. When I press the like button, I have to give my wordpress information… it should be as easy as in facebook…. just so you know… I am reading and love all your pages!

    Elaine Tolvo
    Teaching at Berkshire School this fall

    1. Hi Elaine,

      The world of blogging is so strange… and one of the strange things is that there are people who spend their time spamming other blogs trying to get others to visit their own blog, all in an effort to drive their number of visitors up. I have my blog set up to require my approval so that everything that appears here is relevant, trustworthy and kind (with the exception of the commercials that wordpress inserts at the end of some posts, which I have no control over).

      Thanks for your comments!

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