An outrageous tale for lower levels

Rodney is a smart high school student who has to pay for his own AP tests. Everybody else he knows has parents who actually pay for things, but he has to work at a hamburger restaurant to earn enough for his exam fees. Of course Rodney doesn’t take the job too seriously. He would rather spend the time studying, so he devises a plan to make sure there are never any customers to interrupt him. Nobody comes to the hamburger joint where the employee never washes his hands… well, almost nobody. Two days later, when Rodney is being pursued by a ruthless crime family, he barely has time to regret his unsanitary ways.

This story was inspired by a Spanish 1 class story that we created together in 2013. It is mostly in the present tense but with a spattering of advanced grammar when needed. Don’t worry about either the grammar or the vocabulary; anything even slightly complicated is translated at the bottom of the page. There is also a complete glossary at the end of the book so that this story is 100% comprehensible to all readers. The 2nd edition features many new illustrations, including 5 full page cartoons to help the reader imagine what is happening in the story. There are also word clouds for chapters 1-10 with an essay on how to use these as tools to make the novel more comprehensible and to lead students to discuss the novel within a structured, no-anxiety atmosphere.

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