Sīgna Zōdiaca Vol. 1


Sīgna Zōdiaca Vol. 1 is a level 1 / 2 Latin novel. Scroll down to preview.

This book is the first of three volumes, each with four zodiac signs. Volume I contains 63 cognates and 84 other words (excluding names, different forms of words, and meaning established in the text). It’s over 2,600 total words in length. sīgna zōdiaca is a nonfiction reader that includes adapted Classical myths. Although there’s no single continuous narrative, it’s been written just like the Pisoverse novellas. Try reading sīgna zōdiaca as part of a “monthly myth” routine to mark when the zodiac changes. Or, when a student’s birthday comes up, you can read about the details of their sign. Alternatively, if you already planned to read a higher level text of any myths associated with the signs, read sīgna zōdiaca first to provide a bit of scaffolding.

Each eBook subscription is for one teacher and all of their students. All subscriptions expire on July 1, 2023.

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