Pre-order: Teachers Guide to Meche y las ballenas


The teacher’s guide for Meche is scheduled to be released in Autumn 2019.

Activities that we are planning to develop (subject to change):
– A readers theater adaptation based on a scene from the novel.
– An interactive activity that inspires students to speculate about the plot of the novel through observing illustrations.
– Several different science activities about the grey whales. Obviously the teacher would not assign all, but rather activities that suppose different levels of engagement and time commitment. Could also do related science activities… ecology of Baja, other species in danger of extinction (the vaquita marina?), marine diversity in the ocean around baja. Ranging from easy short activities to a more involved, multi day project.
– An activity that explores transborder identities. I suspect some people will be interested in the legal flow of people back and forth across the border. For example, schools on the border in Texas that have students who live in Mexico and cross the border each day to go to school in the USA.
– Character development activity… an activity that teases out main problem Meche faces: feeling like she does not belong, ultimately finding her place not by figuring out whether she is Mexican or American but by finding people who share her values.
– An activity that explores the geography of Southern CA and Baja California.
– A biographical activity about a real oceanographer, preferably a female like Luke’s mom or a Mexican like Meche’s dad. Or something about the scientific community in Mexico, perhaps the research done in Ensenada.
– A cooking activity inspired by Baja. Does not have to be done in class, could be set up so students cook at home and report via telephone videos on social media.
– Several activities that focus on the vocabulary of the book.

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