Poenica purpurāria


Poenica purpurāria (16 cognates, 19 other words)
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Poenica is an immigrant from Tyre, the Phoenician city known for its purple. She’s an extraordinary purple-dyer who wants to become a tightrope walker! In this tale, her shop is visited by different Romans looking to get togas purpled, as well as an honored Vestal in need of a new trim on her sacred veil. Some requests are realistic— others ridiculous. Is life all work and no play? Can Poenica find the time to tightrope walk? Scroll down to preview the first two chapters.

The Pisoverse series of books is written with limited vocabulary to provide more understandable reading material for the beginning Latin student. One goal of the Pisoverse novellas is to familiarize students with the otherwise unfamiliar distant past through simple descriptions and references. Each book can provide surface level recognition and understanding of antiquity and beyond, or can be used to explore topics further, and more closely. Poenica purpurāria can serve to introduce quite a variety of topics for a book of its small scope, incuding the process of dyeing clothes itself, multicultural Rome, women in antiquity, Phoenicians, trade, not to mention Vestals and the large topic of religion. Therefore, teachers are encouraged to make note of what students find compelling and could explore more in class.

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Preview of the first two chapters: