Luisauny puede


Luisauny puede is a level 2 biography.
Luisauny is a shy girl from deep in the heart of the Dominican Republic. She lives in a small, tight-knit community called Bobita. Nearby green mountains wait to be climbed, a river shaded by trees promises an escape from the tropical heat, and a short drive in any direction leads to the loveliest beaches in the world.

However, there is a dark side to life in Bobita. Something deep inside her is tearing her apart. Will her faith carry her through struggles with bullying, self-doubt, anxiety and depression? Can she overcome the stigma of mental health in the Dominican Republic? Read the astonishing true story of a brave girl and her harrowing journey, which has only just begun!

Novice high-Intermediate, Spanish level 2 and up. Scroll down to preview the first two chapters.

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