LEVEL 1 ONLY Spanish eBook Library (2022-2023 school year)



Give your students real choices with a variety of themes, levels and voices in our full eBook library.

Our LEVEL 1 ONLY library includes 9 novels for beginners, 37 short stories and the easiest to read comics from the Master Class library. Altogether this is all of the texts you’ll need for a full year. Your subscription will allow all of your students to access all of the books with one easy password. Students will be able to access them anywhere (even at home). These texts are ideal for in class instruction: project the text against a white screen and read with your students or, if each student has their own device, they can log in to read individually.

With the full library subscription, access for all students costs far less than buying paperbacks!
This subscription expires on July 1, 2023. It is intended for one teacher & all of their students.
Each individual teacher should get their own subscription.

Need an invoice for a school PO? Send me an email: mikepeto@gmail.com