Les Merveilles: Cultural Presentations in French


Native French speaker Cécile Lainé created this series of eight cultural presentations that introduce inspiring ‘ordinary’ people and places from the French-speaking world. Members of the CI Master Class get free access to this product through the Master Class website.

I will send you a password to the Les Merveilles website once I receive your order. Please expect up to 24 hours to process the order. Please read below for a description of the content. 


The presentations combine four powerful CI techniques: a Picture Talk, a Movie Talk, two slides of simplified readings and finally a space for a Write & Discuss activity so that students are exposed to enough comprehensible repetition that they acquire French efficiently. Poor readers tend not to visualize what they are reading, so the purpose of the first two activities is to create a picture in the minds of students, preparing them for the reading. Describe the picture and lead students to observe before showing the caption in the Picture Talk. Do not worry if students do not understand every word of the video; the video prepares them to visualize the reading, which is written to be slightly above their independent reading level. The reading will be much easier once after visualizing. Finally, do not skip the Write & Discuss! If you follow this with an assessment, base your assessment on the Write & Discuss, which reveals what students truly understood. Included in this package: (1) Mamadou Gassama, un héros moderne, (2) De jeunes Polynésiens veulent sauver le corail, (3) Le « Dealer de Livres », (4) Miracle, bébé réfugié né sur un bateau, (5) La première route solaire du monde, (6) Une piscine dans un canal parisien, (7) Une muraille verte pour combattre le désert, (8) Des robes exceptionnelles… en papier !

You need Power Point (version 2013 or later) on your computer in order to use this product.