Full German eBook library (2023-2024 school year)




Give your students access to all of our books in our full eBook library. This includes two novels for beginners, 19 short stories for levels 1 & 2, and 14 comic strip stories.

Your subscription will allow all of your students to access all of the books with one easy password. eBooks are far more economical than buying a full paperback library, and students will be able to access them anywhere (even at home).

“ICH BIN MAX” and “MAX FEIERT” are designed for first year easy reading. “Good Stories for Learners of German” is a complete read aloud anthology of short stories for levels 1 & 2. Together these three books make a complete reading program for lower-level classes or provide plenty of easy reading for upper-level students who need more reading practice.

This subscription expires on July 1, 2024. It is intended for one teacher & all of their students. Each individual teacher should get their own subscription.