EnREDados is an anthology of short stories with the connective theme of social media. There are three entertaining, heartwarming, yet cautionary lessons about the world of social media. Upon subscribing teachers will also receive an activity pack created by the author to teach the stories. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see a sample eBook.

“La cita inolvidable” tells the tale of a young man who desperately wants to find a girlfriend. He has been through it all, and now is ready to put all his crazy, dangerous, and near-death dating experiences behind him. He looks bright-eyed towards the future of dating: social media. Will he survive the online dating lifestyle, no, literally, will he survive?

“Caray, mi abuela tiene un móvil inteligente” Sara’s grandmother (Irma) is so enamored with the Smartphone she gets for her birthday. She gets to be just like the other abuelitas at Bingo Night. But the abuelitas at Bingo Night have shared their secret app with Irma, and now she is on a mission! Irma soon finds out that this Smartphone can improve her life in ways that she’d never imagine. Grandma goes on an adventure, and brings Sara along too!

“No pasa nada” Have you ever been dared to do something that you knew was wrong, but you did it anyway? Did you regret that decision? Would you have a do-over if you could? This is the story of Manuela, your typical teenage girl. She loves selfies, and documenting every aspect of her life. However, one day she is faced with a decision whose consequences might be inescapable,. Can young people make sound decisions? Is social media just too much for them to handle? Find out in “No pasa nada.”

Each subscription is for one teacher and their students. Teachers should NOT post access codes in publicly visible areas online. All subscriptions expire on July 1, 2023.

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