El chico misterioso


El chico misterioso is a level 3+ Spanish short story (11 pages split into 5 “chapters”) that comes with an 18 page activity packet PDF . Scroll down to preview.

Ángela and Kari have been best friends forever. If there is one thing that Angela has learned from their friendship, it’s that Kari doesn’t have the best luck in picking boyfriends. They’ve been down this road many times; Kari is attracted to jerks! However, that does not prevent Kari from falling head over heels for the new boy in town, Mario. While his mystique and “bad” boy image is intriguing to Kari, Ángela gets another vibe; that she just can’t shake it. Does she really disapprove of this new boy or does she have ulterior motives? Is Ángela being too judgmental? Is Mario just mysterious, or is there something truly ominous about this new boy?

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