Drusilla in Subura


Drusilla is a Roman girl who loves to eat, but doesn’t know how precious her favorite foods are. In this tale featuring all kinds of Romans living within, and beyond their means, will Drusilla discover how fortunate she is?

Drusilla in Subura contains just 38 unique words (excluding names, different forms of words, and meaning established within the text), and offers a glimpse into multicultural Rome beyond the wealthy class. It works works well with any unit on Roman apartment buildings, neighborhoods, social classes, and could be well-suited for students interested in reading Petronius’ Cena Trimalchionis. The Pisoverse is written with sheltered (i.e. limited) vocabulary to provide more understandable reading material for the beginning Latin student.

Each eBook subscription is for one teacher and their students. Teachers should NOT post access codes in publicly visible areas online. All subscriptions expire on July 1, 2023.

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