Autumn 2019 CI Writer’s group is forming NOW!!


Do you want to Write & Publish your own CI novel?

Wouldn’t it be cool to write a level 1 novel with your level 1 classes and actually give them a printed copy before the school year ends?! Or level 2, or level 3…

The 2019 Autumn CI Writer’s group is now forming. I am looking for a group of teachers who can commit to working with their classes during the Autumn semester to explore ideas and develop a basic structure for your novels. From January to March we will transform the class-created novels into solid manuscripts for possible publication. We will meet (most) Tuesday evenings. Join me for six months as I work on my third novel; let’s share the frustrations, find our ways over the roadblocks and get these novels on paper!

This group will meet on Tuesdays at 7pm East Coast Time (of the US) via an online video meeting service called Zoom. Learn from me and special guests (writers and editors from the CI publishing world) who will coach you to write your best CI novel.

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These are some themes that will structure our conversations:

October: Generating ideas with students, keeping it comprehensible. Do the hard work in class!!! Resist creating a whole plot outline; just focus on little scenes and unleash your classes’ creativity. Don’t tell your students that you are writing a novel together; let the process unfold organically. We will also explore the difference between writing for elementary, middle school and high school.

November: Develop a plot outline, enjoy the process of creating little scenes with your students. Explore while keeping it comprehensible in class. Let’s also consider the stories that have not been told & the readers who have not yet found their ‘home run book’. There are so many niches that have yet to be explored in the CI novel universe!

December: Focus on creating lively characters. Delve deep into what motivates your characters. Create complex relationships among your characters without using complex language. The tricks to creating emotional impact. Simplify your text.

January: Go back and rewrite. Creating tension from the first chapter. Rewriting without the students; keep the greatest ideas and bravely cut the rest. Now we are writing with less student input.

February: Sharpen the emotional impact of your novel, restructuring a confused plot. Class testing portions of the novel without giving it all away.

March: Your manuscript is ready to be class-tested. How to publish a private set of novels so that classes can test run the novel. We will also discuss how to polish your manuscript and services available to edit, proofread and illustrate your novel.

If you are serious about writing a CI novel, please register & join us! Our first meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 1st!!