My original TPRS CI lessons

Here I organize posts that feature TPRS or CI lessons I have written. They are organized by the level that they were written for, but I think it is easy to scale up a basic lesson or scale down one of the intermediate lessons.

Originally written for beginning and intermediate students:

1 que esta debajo de la cama

1 la madre de tom

1 mascota

1 sueño de Juliette

1 como hacer amigos

1 tres bebes

1 Bear vs shark

1 un señor triste

1 Brandon y su gato

1 caperucita roja

1 novia famosa

1 no hay ningun gato

1 Habla demasiado

1 koi-zora

1 el bruto

1 el restaurante la gran sorpresa

1 secreto en mochila

1 el sapo magico

1 el sombrero

3 una sorpresa

1 chilaquiles rojos

3 ballenas grises

3 mis padres me dan verguenza

1 superburguesas

Originally written for advanced students:

3 hola soy german

3 arepas

3 grados

3 el fin del niño malo

3 mujer barbuda

3 hippos

3 musica de la basura

3 queria sonar con mc

3 mentiroso

3 con que suenan

3 kelly

4 un señor muy viejo

4 dejar a matilde

4 prodigiosa tarde

4 almohadon

4 four newspaper articles

4 medio ambiente

4 avances tecnologicos

4 en el fondo del caño


  1. Hello, I was wondering if you had any recommendations on a TPRS curriculum. I am interested in trying this out next year but the idea of piecing it all together is a bit too daunting.

    I have looked at some curriculum packs people are selling, like “somos” and “immediate immersion,” and I was wondering if you had checked these or any other more comprehensive, year-long curricula. I’m teaching Spanish 1 in an urban high school with very poor attendance. Any ideas are welcome, thanks.

    1. Hi Nicolas,

      I think it is the skills that you need to work on, not introducing a whole new curriculum. Just my opinion, but if I were you I would start by trying a few One Word Images & get good at that process. A simple movie talk is another good entry activity. If it seems daunting, you do not have to try everything at once. A simple student interview with a power point (questions in the target language but also translated in small font into English on the slide) could be done on the first day of class. Try to spend 10 minutes on the interview, then ask the class questions in the TL while writing on the board in English & the TL. As you become more confident you will be able to do that for a longer amount of time and your students will become better at responding to the TL. At a certain point you will realize that they are not even looking at the power point anymore.

      These ideas are described in my Guide for a Perfect Year. I taught in an urban HS in Southern California & tested this approach… it works!

      1. Thanks for the response. I actually bought your book earlier this morning, so I’ll be checking it out soon.

  2. Thanks for your support, Mike. I started teaching last year and didn’t want to follow our text and was inspired by your approach and ideas and resources. I’m a frequent visitor. Steve

  3. I was looking through -and loving everything on your site!! I thought I had seen an 8 week lesson plan for the end of third year. It was based around la muerte and showed El orfanato at the end. Am I going crazy or did I see this somewhere else??? Thank you very much for your generosity in sharing your ideas!!

    1. That must have been somewhere else. I am slowly going back through my stories and simplifying them so that they are easier for students to read independently… and then the advanced grammar can be circled in class before or afterwards. So many projects…

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