Looking for a place to hold a workshop

Have you ever thought of hosting a workshop? It is easy — all you have to do is provide a classroom where we can meet. I post it on my website and if we can attract enough people to pay for my airfare & hotel, you get a free workshop! My workshops are training for the entire year; it includes demos of key CI techniques, a copy of my book “My Perfect Year” for all participants, and a year subscription to my “Online Workshop” with 15 modules of videos and in-depth descriptions. I have some time available in January and March, two months when teachers are typically eager for a boost. Please comment on this post if you have a classroom available and I will be in contact.



    1. Miranda,

      Your email bounces back… perhaps you typed it in wrong? I want to talk to you!! Please send me an email at mikepeto AT gmail DOT com

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