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Last November I released the eBook version of my level 1 read-aloud book “Good Stories”. Now, finally, I am completing the last illustrations for the paperback which will be available mid-January (German, mid February). “Good Stories” has 49 carefully designed illustrations to scaffold the nineteen stories for beginner readers, along with word walls, comprehension questions, margin notes and a full glossary. It has been an enormous project!

To celebrate I would like to offer teachers the chance to earn a class set for your classroom.

But here is the catch: I want to add your videos of fantastic CI teaching to the CI Master Class.

In particular I am looking for videos of one of these three techniques: (1) a picture talk using a real student’s photo (written student & parental permission to post inside the CI Master class is a must), or (2) a card talk using a student drawing based on one of the prompts in the Card Talk database in the CI Master Class, or (3) a student interview using one of the sets of interview questions in the Student Interview database in the CI Master Class, along with the W&D that you complete with your class to summarize the interview. All of these techniques are described in detail in the CI Master Class.

When I say ‘fantastic CI teaching’ I am not really looking for ‘entertaining’ teaching; I am looking for someone who consistently uses core skills to remain comprehensible, verify comprehension and move slowly. Some of the skills that I’d like to be able to point out in your video to help teachers new to CI learn how to do in their own classrooms include:

(1) Point & Pause, (2) Write on the board, (3) Ask “what did I just say?”, (4) Ask artful questions to move the class along (either/or, yes/no, who, what, where, when, how), (5) either choral responses (in person) or chat bursts (online), (6) selective questions aimed at individual students that build student confidence, (7) gestures for common high-frequency words, (8) Write & Discuss, (9) choral translations, and/or (10) Yes or No review summary game.

Of course, you don’t need all of those techniques in one video 🙂

Requirements: 5-10 minute video that I can download (can be posted with a private link on youtube, or send me a dropbox link, or some other way to get the video to me). Ideally students will NOT show up in the video (if they do you NEED WRITTEN PARENTAL PERMISSION). It is okay if the class is not perfect!

You do not have to be a member of the CI Master Class to enter; email me for an example card talk prompt or set of student interview questions.

IF I USE YOUR VIDEO IN THE CI MASTER CLASS I will send you a class set of “Good Stories” in the language of your choice once they are published.

Videos will be accepted through January 15, 2021. Send links to

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