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Exciting CI voices: Theresa Jensen


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Heartfelt and emotionally rending, #yotambien is ultimately a story of hope and healing. And one that is needed. These are feelings that we have all felt before: from the desire to fit in, to the agony of betrayal, to being lied about and social rejection, to climbing out of despair. There is a palpable feeling of help and hope here—showing that while all scars may not heal, life can get better. – Bryce Hedstrom

I am very excited to announce that we have added Theresa Jensen’s CI novels to our eBook library. Theresa Jensen writes with an honest, authentic voice that speaks to teens. These books are so good that your students will forget that they are reading in Spanish and will just want to talk about the book! Every book has a two chapter preview that you can read before purchasing. Find out what everyone is talking about!

– Mike

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