Essays about teaching

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1. Keep kids from EVER falling through the cracks!
2. Picture Talks that go deep (but don’t have to!)
3. Teaching kids to read… versus teaching them to LOVE reading

4. Nine “Common Sense” Language Class Activities that need to be left behind
5. Trapped in a textbook department?
6. High-frequency verb posters are an equity issue!

7. Help with classroom management
8. Are your intermediate students choosing challenging texts for pleasure reading?
9. When students refuse to contribute

10. Say it again!
11. Troubleshooting a reading program
12. Fear & Creativity

13. The Art of the Bailout Move
14. Ten Best Ways to Extend a Movie Talk
15. A CI technique to improve grammatical accuracy

16. What’s missing?
17. Five Steps to Refresh Inspiration
18. Use a TV Series to Create an Anchor Text for your WL Class

19. Appropriate Encouragement for Independent Reading
20. Tweaks for a block schedule
21. Solidify your skills

22. “Novel Study” or “Anchor Text”?
23. Getting Buy-in from Parents
24. Language Shyness: An Essential Concept for Teachers of Heritage Learners

25. Cultural Fluency Through Oral Story Telling
26. Casas de cartón, the song from Voces inocentes
27. A Culturally Rich CI Classroom

28. The Cool Generation
29. Dive Deep Into Your One Word Images
30. Calm & Clear is better than Loud & Lively

31. The Grammar Syllabus
32. Do Word Walls Help the Flow of Class Conversation?
33. Frame this conversation

34. Cognate Recognition routine: Béisbol, baseball
35. Covid shreds my long-term planning for the year
36. Write a Class Novel with Students

37. Does comprehensible language = simple grammar?
38. Truly Interactive CI
39. If you plant the seeds

40. “The problem with boys’ reading
41. The allure of non-fiction
42. When Students Struggle to Speak

43. A Delicate Dance to Transition to CI
44. Managing Student Voices in Quiet & Loud Classrooms
45. The poetry of uncomfortable truths

46. Crosswords: Boring or Fabulous?
47. Language Spoken at Native Speed (not everything CI is slow)
48. A small bucket of language

49. Matava Scripts are the Bridge to Comfortable Story-Asking
50. Reality Check: Is ‘Non-Targeted’ Language an Efficient Use of Class Time?
51. Cultivate Student Allies for a Smooth-running Class

52. The best bookmarks I’ve ever seen
53. Is there a place for “paired retells” in my class?
54. Recover from burn out, stress, and demoralization

55. Books I like to read with my advanced Heritage Learners
56. Caring for the entire quilt: linguistic diversity in a heritage classroom
57. The Rule of Three: One Thing at a Time

58. What does an advanced CI class look like?
59. An Advanced CI Class, part 2
60. A guided writing activity to follow up short readings in class

61. Teaching with Graphic Novels
62. New Cultural Presentations & Comic Books
63. The Easy Way: why you should feel good about providing easy CI

64. A Dangerous Gift: What we really risk with AI-generated texts