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Click here to read the most complete set of instructions that I have published for teaching a novela. While I give examples from Gran Hotel, these are easily applied to El Internado.

For every episode I have created two bundles of resources. The first bundle contains the student study guides that many teachers have told me has been essential to making sure their students truly understood the episode. Each study guide is around a dozen pages and describes the scenes in chronological order; I usually photocopy two pages at a time (double-sided) and we read each scene as we slowly progress through the episode. I also include a short assessment for the end of the episode. The extensive reading that I have developed for viewing El Internado is crucial to transforming this highly-compelling class activity into a supercharged language acquisition tool.

The second bundle contains a variety of activities to enhance the video. In the second bundle I include power points for previewing scenes that students find difficult to understand, the teacher warning guides which list the time stamp of every swear and potentially inappropriate scene in the episode (this is NOT worth losing your job!), and additional readings focusing on target structures that are good to assign as homework, as well as other activities.

I also have a free 2-3 week unit outline on Caperucita roja that I always teach before starting El Internado. The goal of this unit is to teach a lot of structures that are very common in El Internado. I highly recommend it.

All 5 episodes bundle with 30% discount: This is a bundle of all 5 interactive study guides for episodes 1 through 5 of El Internado (69 pages altogether) along with an extra 79 supplemental activities (power points, links to Kahoots! and quizlet activities, crosswords, writing activities, additional comprehension questions, key photo collages for discussions, and much more). This is the most complete set of scaffolding materials for El Internado that you will find anywhere. When you buy all 5 guides together you get enough for an entire semester at a 30% discount. Teachers have told me, “this has brought joy back into my classroom”.

Season 1
Episode 1: Essential student guide and end of episode assessment
Episode 1: Supplementary materials: photo collages, ppt introducing characters & teacher warning sheet

Episode 2: Essential student guide and end of episode assessment
Episode 2: Supplementary materials: ppt review of episode 1 with emphasis on the verb DEJAR, an additional DEJAR reading (an advice column written for and “by” characters of El Internado), several ppt class readings focusing on the target structures ECHO DE MENOS, TE TRAIGO, TIENEN SUERTE, LO ECHARON, and photo collages to discuss specific scenes.

Episode 3: Essential student guide
Episode 3: Supplementary materials: Four high-quality “graphic novel” power points that help prepare students to view hard to understand sections, Five power points with screen shots from key moments to get students to review major plot developments, an power point that reviews episode 2 while providing repetitive review of some key advanced vocabulary and a story map activity to be completed mid-episode.

Episode 4: Essential student guide
Episode 4: Supplementary materials Includes an episode 3 review ppt, four graphic novels and one ¿Quién lo dijo? PDF. The essential study guide also contains the links to four interactive online activities and one link to a relevant cultural resource.

Episode 5: Essential student guide
Episode 5: Supplementary materials Includes 17 activities including 5 graphic novels, a PPT on el Ratoncito Pérez and several other activities to help your students master episode 5 (links to online activities are embedded in the study guides).

Episode 6: Essential student guide and end of episode assessment
Episode 6: Supplementary materials

Season 2
Episode 1: Essential student guide and end of episode assessment
Episode 1: Supplementary materials

Episode 2: Essential student guide and end of episode assessment
Episode 2: Supplementary materials

Episode 3: Essential student guide and end of episode assessment
Episode 3: Supplementary materials

Episode 4: Essential student guide and end of episode assessment
Episode 4: Supplementary materials

Episode 5: Essential student guide and end of episode assessment
Episode 5: Supplementary materials

Episode 6: Essential student guide and end of episode assessment
Episode 6: Supplementary materials

Episode 7: Essential student guide and end of episode assessment
Episode 7: Supplementary materials

Episode 8: Essential student guide and end of episode assessment
Episode 8: Supplementary materials

Episode 9: Essential student guide and end of episode assessment
Episode 9: Supplementary materials

Season 3
Episode 1: Essential student guide and end of episode assessment
Episode 1: Supplementary materials

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  1. […] school called Laguna Negra in an isolated part of Spain. Some teachers, like Kristy Palacio and Mike Peto, show it in school as part of a comprehensible input (CI) classroom. I have been toying around with […]

  2. Hi, where did you buy or get the grand hotel?

    Thank you

    1. I bought it on Spanish Amazon… I bought DVDs of the entire series, but if you are using it in class you will probably only need the first season. Looking online I scrolled down on this page and found DVDs of the first season for less than 14 euros: https://www.amazon.es/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?__mk_es_ES=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=gran+hotel

  3. I am at a new high school as of the end of last month. I have 3/4 together and am considering El Internado. What do you address in your parent permission slip? How do you handle the student/teacher relationship? Thanks!

    1. If you follow my advice on how to teach El Internado then you will be going slow enough that you will not get to the third season. In only one semester you will be going really fast if you finish the first season. Probably too fast; make students talk, act, read and write more.

      If this is your first semester in a new school, I would suggest you hold back until you understand the community better. Even experienced teachers (which I know you are) are sometimes on the chopping block when they first arrive to a new school. Spend some time on less controversial activities. If you really need a telenovela, consider doing Gran Hotel instead because you will not have the problem with the constant swearing that occurs in El Internado. I have reading guides for Gran Hotel too, but you will need to buy the DVDs from Spain because it is not on Netflix.

      1. Do you have material for season 2? I started watching this with my Spanish III class last year and now they are in IV and we have continued. Through the course of the two years they are now moving along….Just wondered if anyone has materials for season 2?

      2. Hi,

        A lot of my students binge-watch the series during the summer… which is great. I transition from El Internado to Gran Hotel for the more advanced year so that we are viewing something new to discuss, and I have a good set of guides for the first 5 episodes of Gran Hotel on TpT. You would have to purchase the DVDs of Gran Hotel because it is not on Netflix, but there are advantages to not having them readily available to students!

  4. Hi,

    I am looking at your materials and I think they are great! Question how many seasons do you have and where can I find the seasons for el internado and gran hotel. I saw it on Amazon but for the gran hotel it said it was 57 hours? are you doing all of them? or are you just showing some of them? I am thinking to use this for native speakers

    1. With the heritage learners we often watch 15 minutes at the end of the class when we have finished our other work. I don´t plan it out… if we are still working on other things, then we do not watch the show. If I am tired of watching the show we do something else. I have never finished a series with any of my classes.

  5. […] My Generation of Polygots a fellow educator, Mike Peto, has spent quite a lot of time crafting activities the first season of the Internado. The vocabulary along with other worthwhile activities can be found on TeacherPayTeachers.  Although the bundle is approximately $7, it is totally worth it for the first episode as it sets the tone and primes students to engaging in this cultural phenomena. Click here to see his product.  He has up to season 4. Interested in Mike’s insights about the series, you can also click here for his blog. […]

  6. […] their first assignment before watching the first 10 minutes of episode one [broken down how Mike Pero does it]. I chose the vocab based on talking points I plan to make and ones that will help with […]

  7. […] Mike Peto’s resources (lots on TpT – some are […]

  8. At what level do you teach El Internado? Thanks!

  9. Thanks for your resources. I just purchased your first episode bundle on TPT to check it out. Do you also share/post the target structures that you used. I am considering this for use in a Level 4 Class so the structures would be different than if you do it in Level 1 but I’m just curious. Thanks!

    1. I think in the first bundle or two, in the free supplementary materials, there are target structure lists but it just was not that relevant for other teachers. For a level 4 class I would use the same reading materials and use advanced structures in our discussion. If you look at the new Gran Hotel materials that I will publish shortly (especially starting with episode 2) you´ll see those kind of structures included more often in the readings because I use Gran Hotel with my upper level students.

  10. Any chance there will be resources posted for the last two episodes of El internado season 1 by the end of summer? 🙂

    1. Wonderful timing! I am posting episode 5 later tonight, and it was worth the wait (IMO, at least). 16 pages of text with questions in the margins, 17 supplementary activities including online Kahoots, Quizlet live, 5 graphic novels for tough scenes, a PPT about el Ratoncito Pérez, photo retells embedded into PPTs and a couple of other activities. The link will be up soon.

      1. Muchísimas gracias! Any chance you’d be willing to share an overview of your process when creating these types of classroom resources? I just finished my 1st year teaching and have no experience using CI nor culturally relevant resources, but am excited to start! There just aren’t enough lesson plans/materials out there like yours that are so comprehensive, and I’d like to teach this way the whole year and scrap the textbook. I just don’t know how to start. . . To go from, “What a great movie! I’d love to use this in the classroom” to writing the guides for the students (since as you’ve stated, the movie by itself does nothing for their language acquisition).

      2. OMG, there is a whole movement of people teaching like this!! You need to come to the national conference in Reno, Nevada: http://www.ntprs.info/ The techniques to teach a movie are rooted in the basic TPRS techniques for telling a story (or “asking a story”, as we would say it). If you cannot make it to the national conference (which I PROMISE will be life-changing, not just a career-changer but an experience so profound that it will change everything!!), then at least find a way to attend a workshop: http://tprsbooks.org/tprs-workshops/

  11. […] other bandwagon was El Internado! I was inspired by Allison Weinhold, Mike Peto, Dustin Williamson and Kara Jacobs. Mil gracias for sharing your ideas and resources. Thanks to […]

  12. I LOVE your materials for El Internado. I have purchased everything you have posted on Teachers Pay Teachers. I’m hoping to start Episode 5 of Season 1 the middle of next week. Any chance you will have that study guide and supplemental resources available for purchase soon?

    1. Ahh!! I am working as fast as I can… go slowly, I might not have it out this weekend, but maybe next?

  13. I took a leap of faith and started doing “El Internado” a couple of weeks ago with my Spanish 4 students. They love it!!! We just started Ep. 2…do you know when you will post materials for the next episodes? Your lessons are amazing! Thanks!

    1. I am just tidying up the bundles of activities for episode 3 and I will post them today after school. I am really excited about this new study guide… I feel like I have finally developed a format that makes it really easy to remember to bring in the supplementary activities (if you want to use them). Also it is probably my most complete study guide, with timings listed from Netflix and short paragraphs for every 2 minutes or so (on average). I guess it is obvious that I am really proud of this latest study guide! I hope you like it,

      1. You should be proud, this is great! I have made something similar to this for the first two episodes. How do you do assessment? I have made tests that have character descriptions that need to be matched with the correct character as well as a section where they select a character and write a summary about them. Thanks!

      2. Those sound great. In the first study guide I have paragraphs with lots of errors about the show. Students have to circle one word that causes the error (when we do it together we circle and replace with the correction, but as an assessment I am more interested in their comprehension). I have also included writing about a character section. Nonetheless I try to minimize the amount of time spent on assessing so that I have more time providing comprehensible input… any assessment that I give takes no more than 10 minutes, often just 5.

  14. Hello! My students and I are loving this and everything that you have made helps so much! Could you give me a timeline as to when you will have episode 3 posted? Gracias!

    1. My own students are starting episode 3 soon, so I am hoping to have the materials ready this weekend. Much of these materials have been in the making for several years (every year I revise and add on to previous documents), so even if I do not finish everything that I hope then I will still post something.

      1. Thank you so much!

  15. […] exam, we did not get to watch El Internado.  My students were really excited to watch it again.  Mike Peto has some excellent resources that I am sure took a lot of time to create.  Support his Teachers […]

  16. Where can I purchase your resources for more than episode 1?

    1. I am slowly getting them online…. first the study guides and then I will go back with supplementary materials. I think I will have episode 2 up by tomorrow (12/4/15), I am just refining a few things. I intend to have all of the first season study guides posted before Christmas.

      1. Any idea when the supplementary resources for episodes one and two will be up?

      2. I am shooting for this weekend. I will have them as free bundles to download from TpT and the link from this site will be active once I have them up.

  17. Thank you for all of these resources! I am excited to try them out this fall. I just wanted to share that I found all of the episodes on Netflix!

  18. Here’s a Prezi over Season 3 that a student of mine from AP made last year https://prezi.com/ikdg3mxro3df/el-internado-temporada-3/.

    1. Cool!! Once I have a moment I will add it to the general directory of Internado activities. Thank you 🙂

  19. Mike, I am using your resources and they are A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Some language structures that I have added are ¿Cómo se siente…..? y por qué se siente así?. There is so much range of emotion in the characters that by the time we are done with Episode 1, I believe my students will be quite familiar with expressing range of emotions that other people feel. I am also asking them how they feel about a particular character ie: they told me Iván’s dad was gilipollas. They LOVE that term, lol.

  20. Hello Mike,
    I too appreciate your sharing resources and ideas on working with El Internado. I am beginning to use it in levels 3 & 4. I don’t expect them to really understand the language other than little things here and there. I do think it makes for a very good backdrop from which to work many aspects of the language and culture.
    My question to you is: How long are the segments you have your students watch at a time? My tendency is to show very short ones depending on what is going on (bet.3-5min ea), but I’m getting a lot of push back from my students trying to “keep going” and I fear this could get out of hand into “watch and veg”.

    1. I agree with you… Remind them that they are here to learn Spanish. I stop even more frequently and when they complain lights are turned on and they do a 10 minute quick write describing everything they understood in the episode. I also write on the board frequently, which forces us to turn on the lights. The complainers need to be silenced because there are students who are gettting lost and are quietly grateful for your explanations.

      1. I guess I needed that reinforcement about how much to watch at a time and how to deal with the complainers.
        Muchas Gracias

  21. OK, I would really like to use this in class…I found it on Amazon, but it is Zone 2… will the dvd play on the computer? Help please…I don’t want to but it and then not have it work. Thanks. (all of your materials are wonderful by the way!)

    1. I am not an expert, but I had the impression that if you play a DVD through your computer using a program like VLC (free to download online) then there is no problem. VLC is great because you can slow down the video to 70% speed (or less) and it corrects the pitch so that the voices sound more or less normal. VLC is also convenient for skipping school-inappropriate scenes and quickly finding the place where you left off. If you use a DVD player, then you will need either a special multiregional DVD player or one configured specifically for region 2. I always use my computer and project it against a wall.

  22. Excellent resources! I’ve tried to do a little bit of research into where to buy the first few seasons, and it is tricky to track down a seller that also ships to the US. Do you know to find it?

    1. Unfortunately it seems that they are not producing the disks anymore, which means you have to track down somebody on the resale market such as ebay, where it is also likely to get pirated material. Not a good situation.

    2. I recently purchased the first season on Amazon! It shipped from Spain. If you haven’t found it yet, let me know and I will send you a link.

  23. How do you handle all of the swearing in the series? They say joder, mierda or coño every other word, it seems. I tried just telling students to not worry about those words but they always look them up, and the dictionary tells them the meaning that may not necessarily be meant by the speaker. I’ve told my students that although the dictionary says one thing, with these types of words, it’s almost more about the intensity with which the words are said, and the intention of the speaker, NOT what the dictionary says. And it’s a culture teachable moment, as these words aren’t necessarily a big deal in some countries.

    But how do you handle it? I’m worried about the day I get a phone call or email from an angry parent.

    1. I wish there were a safer response, but the language is typical for informal conversation in Spain. If students could not get over it, such that I could not provide compelling CI using El Internado, then I would drop it like a hot potato. I believe that there is a solid case to exposing students to the way people really speak, and preparing them to enter the target culture, but if you are at the beginning of your career and-or not sure about the support you would receive in your district then I would not recommend using this show. In fact I will be moving districts sometime within the next few years… I am certain that I will not be using El Internado as a teaching tool until I have a solid feel for the community and my administrators.

      As a practical matter, I tell my students that they do not have license to swear in class, and in fact they are far from fluent enough to accurately swear without appearing foolish. Ask them to think about it; someone with a thick accent and limited control of the English language who swears strikes most native speakers of English as simply ridiculous. Swearing in a language that you are not fluent in is a quick way to make a fool of yourself, even if you are in an appropriate informal setting.

      1. I’m afraid that I’m in a district where I’d get myself into hot water with El Internado, which is a great pity because of all of your excellent resources.

        I’m thinking of doing something with Gran Hotel instead… I’m wondering whether anyone out there has used it?

  24. You are so inspiring, generous, and thoughtful with all the work you share. I’m looking forward to trying out El Internado and giving back some ideas! Did you buy the series or just the find clips/episodes on YouTube?

    1. Just buy the DVD´s! 🙂

    2. I am thinking of using Gran Hotel, too, Senora Peak. My husband is doubtful we could get the DVDs to play on school computers, and the curse words would get me fired!

  25. […] You can find some summaries and activities HERE.  Mike Peto has a lot of great activities HERE.  It took us almost 3 weeks to watch the first episode in Spanish […]

  26. Omg are you kidding me with this stuff? It’s great! I love the show- we’re starting it alongside a “Miedos” unit in 4. Thanks so much! You have made my life a million times easier today! 😀

  27. I’ve used this with my students that have finished level four….it might be really hard for the level three kids. I look forward to hearing how it goes. My students absolutely LOVE the show!

  28. I really like what you did with episode 1. I will use it with my Spanish 3 class and see how it goes…..Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks! Write back and tell me how it went 🙂

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